Districts promote attractions in webcast

Hu Min
The heads of 14 culture and tourism administrations went online to hold a three-hour webcast on Thursday evening as part of the Shanghai Double Five Shopping Festival.
Hu Min
Districts promote attractions in webcast
Hu Min

Zhang Zhong (left), counsel of Jing'an District Culture and Tourism Administration, promotes Jing'an culture and tourism during the webcast. 

Districts promote attractions in webcast
Hu Min

Zong Quanlin, director of Fengxian District's Culture and Tourism Administration promotes countryside tours during the webcast. 

The heads of 14 city districts' culture and tourism administrations hosted a three-hour webcast on Thursday evening to promote the city's attractions.

As part of the Shanghai Double Five Shopping Festival, the “Shanghainese touring Shanghai" webcast organized by Shanghai-based online travel operator lvmama.com attracted more than 2 million viewers.

Countryside and ecological tourism, historical and cultural blocks, intangible cultural heritage products and specialties were promoted during the broadcast.

Coupons worth 50 million yuan (US$7.05 million) for tourist attractions, hotels and food were distributed.

Lucky draws were held and tour packages, admissions, hotel rooms, buffets, agricultural products and souvenirs were on sale.

Wang Yichuan, director of Baoshan’s administration, promoted eight tour routes.

"Baoshan District boasts more than 40 cultural and museum venues and the museum magic night tour will take you to the Shanghai Museum of Glass, China 3D Printing Cultural Museum, and Shanghai Wood Culture Museum, and we invite you to experience their charm," Wang said. 

"The Jiangnan splendor tour takes you to Luodian Town, which still has a traditional dragon boat race during the Dragon Boat Festival, the Baoshan Temple and Meilan Lake crowned one of the 'most beautiful places' in Shanghai's north," she said.

"A cruise tour will take you to the Wusongkou International Cruise Liner Terminal and Paotaiwan scenic area, while you will experience the most beautiful countryside scenery in the countryside tour," she added.

She also promoted a flower and fruit tour, industrial remains tour, and Baoshan delicacies such as longsnout catfish and cakes.

Lucky draws for tickets to the Pujiang countryside park, museum admissions, and intangible cultural heritage were held during the webcast.

At the Fengxian District Museum, Zong Quanlin, director of Fengxian’s administration, promoted countryside tours incorporating Huami Zhuanghang tourist attractions in Zhuanghang Town, a major rice producing area of Shanghai, Wufang Village and the Haiwan Town log cabin recreational vehicle camp site, during the broadcast.

"Fengxian District beside the sea the boasts a lot of places which are both fun and beautiful," Zong said.

"We have a forest park, a beach, an ancient town and the Zhuanghang mutton festival," he said.

Wearing traditional Longfeng clothing, Zhang Zhong, counsel of Jing’an's administration, displayed Longfeng cheongsam and handmade cheongsam buttons called pankou during the webcast.

"Jing'an District is an East-meets-West destination," he said. "You can have different travel options in a tour along Suzhou Creek, all promising a pleasant journey, while Shaanxi Rd N. has a number of former residences of celebrities."

Zhang held lucky draws for tour packages. 

Jin Jianhong, deputy director of Xuhui’s administration, guided the audience to the Hengfu (Hengshan-Fuxing Road) Historical Conservation Zone.

A film-themed walking route in the zone has been launched.

The route will take walkers to the former residences of actress Zhou Xuan, playwright Ke Ling, playwright Xia Yan, a restored study of translator Cao Ying and the historical Cloisters Apartments, Jin said.

Chen Feng, deputy director of the Changning administration urged viewers to experience the glamour of Yuyuan Road and its cluster of villas.

Chongming Mingzhu Lake Park and Chongming rice cake, a famous snack, were promoted by Huang Xiaochun, deputy director of the Chongming administration.

Tourism routes incorporating Oriental Land, Zhujiajiao water town and Zhangma Village in Qingpu District, M50 and the Global Harbor shopping mall in Putuo District were also promoted during the webcast.

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