Economy, pandemic key topics for city deputies

Chen Huizhi
Deputies from Shanghai submitted a total of 33 proposals and 123 suggestions to the government during the third session of the 13th National People's Congress.
Chen Huizhi

One in three legislative proposals and suggestions submitted by deputies from Shanghai during the third session of the 13th National People's Congress related to economic issues, the Shanghai delegation said on Tuesday.

The deputies submitted 33 proposals and made 123 suggestions to the government in total, it said.

The deputies filed 45 proposals and suggestions on social issues, 12 on the rule of law, seven on cultural issues and four on ecological issues.

Nine of the proposals and 26 of the suggestions related to the novel coronavirus pandemic, including revisions of the laws on the prevention of infectious diseases, the protection of wild animals and the response to emergencies, and suggested measures to enhance support for medical workers and promote the use of serving chopsticks and spoons when people dine together.

On economic issues, the deputies focused on the development of the Pudong New Area, the ChiNext Composite Index startup board, 5G, the online economy and the new energy car industry.

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