FamilyMart in trouble over 'pornographic' ad

Hu Min
Watchdog investigates after complaints are triggered when a headline on a promotional article for ice cream talks of passionate pictures of Internet celebrities.
Hu Min
FamilyMart in trouble over 'pornographic' ad
Ti Gong

The screenshot attached to the FamilyMart ad.

Shanghai's market watchdog is investigating the Shanghai company of FamilyMart after an advertisement on its WeChat account implied pornographic content.

A headline on the ad reads: “Leakage of passionate pictures of wanghong.avi,” with a screenshot commonly seen on pornographic videos attached, which triggered a buzz on the Internet. Wanghong refers to Internet celebrities.

The headline has obvious sex implications and promotes vulgar content, which is against social morality, the Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation said.

The practice violates China's advertisement law and Internet safety law, it added.

It has ordered the company to make immediate corrections and raise its awareness of the law. 

The actual content of the ad was promoting ice cream and it quickly gained over 100,000 views when it was released, triggering complaints at the same time. 

The ad has been deleted and the company has apologized.

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