Vintage Shanghai fashion show video goes viral

Han Jing
In restored footage, a young lady introduces outfits, hairstyles and fashions from the 1920s, against the backdrop of a Chinese garden.
Han Jing

A short video featuring a fashion show which happened in Shanghai in 1929, restored and edited by artist Hu Wengu, has recently gone viral on the Internet.

Hu, known as “Dagu Spitzer” on Weibo and currently based in New York, released the video on August 4. Hu restored the historic video with artificial intelligence technology and kept its original sound.

In the video, a young lady known as Miss Sze introduces outfits, popular hairstyles and trends from the 1920s in English, against the backdrop of a Chinese garden.

Many netizens were amazed that fashion from almost a hundred year ago is still appealing today, while others were impressed by Sze's fluent English.

According to Hu, he used AI technology to color and enlarge the resolution of the original clip. The re-edited video also included behind-the-scenes shots.

The original black-and-white footage was credited to the film archives of the University of South Carolina's Moving Image Research Collections.

The video had 5.83 million views and over 77,000 likes by Wednesday, according to Weibo figures. 

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