Songjiang's forest project nears completion

Hu Min
The district says a forest covering more than 6,300 mu (420 hectares) in the Tianma area is almost complete, part of the district's 14,000 mu forest project.
Hu Min
Songjiangs forest project nears completion
Ti Gong

The forest project in Songjiang District.

A forest covering more than 6,300 mu (420 hectares) in the Tianma area of Songjiang District is almost complete, part of the biggest forest project in the district, the Songjiang government announced on Thursday.

The project totaling more than 14,000 mu of forest land includes the Tianma ecological zone and seven ecological corridors in northwest Sheshan Town.

"A variety of trees of different heights and shapes have been introduced to create the effect of a natural forest," said Cai Feng, deputy director of the district’s forestry station.

"These include more than 100 varieties of trees such as camphor, dawn redwood and magnolia, promising both landscape and shield functions," he added.

The Tianma ecological zone reaches the Shanghai Ring Expressway in the east, Shenzhuan Highway in the south, and borders Qingpu District in the northwest.

The project is along the key expressways and river courses of the city, playing a role of ecological isolation and connection, said Cai.

It started in April last year.

Workers overcame drainage obstacles in construction as the area is in the lowest terrain of the district, said Cao Honghu, an engineer on the project.

The seven corridors will rest along the Shenhai Ring Expressway, Hukun Highway, Huyu Highway and the Huangpu River. More than 2,400 mu of the corridors have been completed.

The forest coverage in the district is currently 16.35 percent, and will be 18.5 percent after the whole project is completed.

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