Cancer screening program proves a success

Cai Wenjun
Nearly 30,000 people have been screened for lung cancer as part of a one-stop program in Xuhui District to identify the disease at an early stage and speed treatment.
Cai Wenjun

A one-stop early-stage lung cancer screening, prevention and control program conducted in Xuhui District has achieved very positive results by providing more convenient and targeted services and healthcare for residents in the community.

Under the program launched by Xuhui health authority and Shanghai Chest Hospital, residents can receive primary screening at community health centers. Those identified at high risk are transferred to the hospital for CT scanning.

The results are sent to residents’ GPs and further treatment arranged if necessary. Those receiving treatment will be transferred back to community health centers for follow-up management and rehabilitation.

So far, 160,000 residents in the community have received information for primary screening and nearly 30,000 people have been screened. Diseases were identified in 62 cases and they received surgery.

“GPs in the community health centers will screen out those at high risk like those who are smokers, people with a family history of lung cancer and other risk factors. People identified at high risk can go to a special out-patient clinic of our hospital for CT scanning,” said Pan Changqing, president of Shanghai Chest Hospital. “Such a method is a very effective way for early lung cancer identification, which is key to patients’ long-term survival and good treatment effects.”

To further promote the importance of early lung cancer screening, the program released an educational short video, which will be broadcast in all Xuhui-based community health centers.

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