Food delivery platforms fail evaluations

Hu Min
Shanghai Consumer Council reveals problems with online food delivery platforms that included poor quality control and a lack of good customer services.
Hu Min

Online fresh food platforms JD Daojia, Eleme, and Suning Shengxian were found to have the worst performance in an evaluation covering 16 platforms conducted by the Shanghai Consumer Council.

The two-month evaluation had 34 criteria such as the diversity of varieties, whether platforms mark prices clearly, logistics efficiency, quality control, customer service and refunds, the council said on Wednesday. had the lowest score (52), followed by Suning Shengxian (67), Benlai Shenghuo (68), Eleme (68) and JD Daojia (68), according to the council.

Taoxianda, Taobao's fresh food and grocery delivery unit, had a shortage of fresh aquatic products, and it failed to show real photos of products, using the same photo for two shrimps, the council said.

Dingdong Maicai, and Taoxianda did not mark weights clearly, the council said.

Suning Shengxian and Benlai Shenghuo were found to have slow delivery and change of delivery time.

In terms of cold chain logistics, the temperature of frozen products delivered by JD Daojai were close to normal temperature when delivered, the council said.

The packaging measures of JD Daojia were improper as well, the council found.

Qingmei Xiandao was found to have a 53 percent gap between the real weight and the marked weight on shrimp products. The figure was 47.66 percent for

Eggs bought from Eleme, JD Daojia, Bailian Daojia, and Suning Shengxian did not have expiry dates, the council found.

In addition, a sixth of the passion fruits delivered by Suning Shengxian were rotten, and fresh food delivered by Bailian Daojia was not sealed.

Eleme, JD Daojia and Meituan were found to have poor customer service, while Benlai Shenghuo could not be contacted nor offered a refund, the council said.

"Online fresh food platforms should establish a review mechanism on logistics and cold-chain delivery, and enhance management on product weight and scale description," said Tang Jiansheng, the council's deputy secretary-general.

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