Fake packaging suspects caught by police

Chen Huizhi
Shanghai police say suspects put real Ferrero Rocher chocolates in counterfeit luxury boxes and sold them to different parts of China for a total of over 13 million yuan.
Chen Huizhi

Suspects alleged to have been selling Ferrero Rocher chocolates in fake packaging have been caught, police in Shanghai said on Thursday.

The 18 are said to have bought loose chocolates cheaply in bulk and then packed them in fake luxury boxes, which they sold for over 13 million yuan (US$1.95 million).

An investigation began in January when it was noticed that the sales of boxed Ferrero Rocher chocolates surpassed that of the official products available.

Police targeted Internet shops that could be selling the boxes and traced the source to a wholesale company in Shanghai.

The boss, a man surnamed Liu, was found to have purchased fake Ferrero Rocher packaging from Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces as well as Shanghai and filled the boxes with loose chocolates. 

The chocolates had been sold at luxury prices to different parts of China since 2019, police said.

Shanghai police said they had solved some 740 intellectual property and trademark rights cases involving over 6.8 billion yuan so far this year. The cases allegedly involved some 320 brands.

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