Dianzhong New Area enjoys CIIE spillover

Yang Meiping
Senior officials from the Yunnan Province-based new area were in Shanghai to meet with potential investors during the ongoing import expo.
Yang Meiping
Dianzhong New Area enjoys CIIE spillover
Ti Gong

The Yunnan Dianzhong New Area is enjoying the spillover effects of the China International Import Expo.

On Monday and Tuesday, nearly 100 talks were organized between the area in middle PwC Province, a national-level new development area, and chambers of commerce and enterprises, such as PwC, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and the UAE-China Business and Culture Promotion Center, at the import expo to attract driving forces for its development from both domestic and international markets.

Lu Yongdong, director of the administration of the Dianzhong New Area, told the potential investors that the area has achieved its goal to “lay a foundation in one year, field fruits in three years and achieve a leap-forward in development in five years.”

According to Lu, GDP in the area has developed from 50.1 billion yuan (US$7.58 billion) to 88.2 billion yuan between 2016 and 2019, with large-scale industrial added value recording double-digit annual growth for three successive years. With its GDP exceeding those of new areas in Harbin, Changchun and Ganjiang, it has climbed from 15th place to 12th in the ranking of all 19 national-level new areas, showing strong development momentum.

He also said that the new area is now developing based on its "533 strategy," namely strengthening five high-end industrial clusters in automobile, petrochemistry, new materials, electronic information and biomedicine; cultivating the development of modern services in three fields: high-end business and headquarters economy, trade and modern logistics, tourism and health care; and building up three 100-billion-level industrial zones: the Ning’an Industrial Park, the Yanglin Economic Development Zone and an airport economic zone. It has attracted investments from six world top 500 enterprises and nine top 500 Chinese enterprises.

Lu extended welcome to potential investors during the talks, especially to those from the Yangtze River Delta region.

“The Dianzhong New Area has now entered a fast lane for development with improved business environment,” he said. “Next step, we will further improve our planning, infrastructure, regional development, promotion and industrial cultivation to build the area into a leading opening-up hub for China, with high-quality resources from the Yangtze River Delta region.

“We aim to build up a new area with the most favored policies, the lowest operation costs for enterprises, the most powerful production factors, the shortest review and approval process, the highest administrative efficiency and the best service environment.”

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