Batches of crab, chicken sold online fail quality tests

Hu Min
Four batches of portunid crabs sold via major online platforms were found to contain excessive cadmium, while a batch of chicken failed for excessive sulfanilamide grous.
Hu Min

Five batches of crab and chicken sold on major online fresh food platforms such as and Meituan failed quality tests, Shanghai's market watchdog warned on Wednesday. 

Two batches of portunid crabs sold on and Freshippo were substandard for excessive cadmium, the Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation said. 

Long-term intake of foods with excessive cadmium can lead to kidney and bone damage, the administration warned. 

Another two batches of portunid crabs sold on JD Daojia and Dingdong Maicai were found to have the same problem, according to the administration. 

A batch of chicken sold on Meituan failed for excessive sulfanilamide grous. 

Long-term intake of foods with excessive levels of sulfanilamide grous can harm the urinary system and liver, the administration warned. 

Investigations are underway and the substandard information will be recorded in the city's food safety credibility system, the administration said. 

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