City's legislature lays out new legislation plan

Chen Huizhi
The legislators will have a busy year ahead deliberating on new draft laws, carrying out law enforcement inspections, hearing government reports and doing themed investigations.
Chen Huizhi

Shanghai People’s Congress, the city’s legislature, plans to promulgate or revise several local laws this year which cover some of the subjects of high public interest, according to a work report of the standing committee of the legislature released on Tuesday.

The laws will regard the Lingang New Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, the management of public data, online public services, urban renewal, the management of public areas along Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek, wild animal protection, workplace safety and the supervision on the management of state-owned assets.

The legislators will continue to deliberate on local laws on the management of non-motor vehicles and traditional Chinese medicine.

They will also push forward the drafting of local laws on the protection of minors, the construction and protection of communications infrastructure and the public promotion of science and technology.

In coordination with legislators from other provinces in the Yangtze River Delta region – Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces – they plan to promulgate the legal decision on the implementation of the fishing ban in the Yangtze River and laws on the share of large scientific equipment and the protection of drinking water in the demonstration zone of the integrated green and ecological development of the region.

Local legislators also plan to carry out law enforcement inspections on several national and local laws and legal decisions, including those on the protection of the Yangtze River, the public health emergency management, senior-care services, the construction of the city as a science, technology and innovation hub and the construction of Chongming as a world-class ecological island.

They will also hear reports of the government, the High People’s Court and the Procuratorate on the improvement of business environment, the reform and opening-up of Pudong, household waste management, the refitting of old neighborhood and the international hunt on corruption case suspects, among others.

On their own, they will carry out themed investigations on the development of the Yangtze River Delta region and the city’s integrated circuit, biomedicine and artificial intelligence industries as well as its digital transformation.

In the past year, the Standing Committee of Shanghai People’s Congress deliberated 30 drafts of local laws and legal decisions and passed 27 of them.

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