Jiading New City forging ahead in education

Tong Wangyue
The Shanghai Experimental School Jiading New City branch will be built to match the development plan. 
Tong Wangyue

Shanghai Education Commission, Shanghai Normal University and Jiading District cooperated in the construction of a Shanghai Experimental School Jiading New City branch, working together to build a public, nine-year school that matches the development orientation of Jiading New City.

The school will have six classes for each grade, and setting up a senior high school department will be explored.Since last year, Jiading has signed cooperation agreements with the China Welfare Association, East China Normal University, Shanghai Normal University and Shanghai University to establish the Soong Ching Ling School Jiading Experimental School, the Fifth Affiliated School of East China Normal University, the Fifth Experimental School affiliated to Shanghai Normal University and the Jiading Experimental School affiliated to Shanghai University in Jiading New City.

Shen Wei, Party secretary of the Shanghai Education and Public Health Committee, said Jiading should strive to launch a new era of education that matches the strategic positioning of the new city.

Lin Zaiyong, Party secretary of Shanghai Normal University which is located in Fengxian District, said the cooperation was an effort by the university to participate in the construction of Shanghai’s “five new cities” initiative and do a good job in the demonstration of fundamental education.

He hopes the university can explore education for future development and jointly build a new highland of fundamental education.

Gao Xiang, director of Fengxian District, said that through cooperation with the university, the two sides can build a full-cycle high-quality education system from kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school to university. 

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