Tong Wangyue

Feature Reporter

3D show lights up New Year's Eve at Wulin Square

Hangzhou's annual New Year's Eve celebration held in Xiacheng District offers a three-hour cultural feast composed of fantastic light shows and cultural performances.

Suzhou's development zones: bastions against financial crises,  drivers of growth

Suzhou's development zones have been the driving force behind the city's economic and urban development since the 1980s.

Hearing is Sun's specialty

For hearing impaired people, audiologists are angels bringing them back to the hearing world.

Volunteers take their skills to Yunnan

Zhou Xiaocheng, from the Jiading Agricultural Technology Promotion Service Center, signed up as a volunteer and left for Yunnan as a member of the 20th volunteers group.

Charging problems being solved

Jiading District has completed the installation of charging facilities for electric mopeds and bicycles in 16 of 33 planned communities.

Home Study library opens its 1st branch

Jiading District’s 24-hour Home Study public library opened its first branch at the Anju Life Plaza on Yinxiang Road this month.

A mother's dream has blossomed to reality

The Foryou flower shop in Jiading’s Liucheng Xintiandi was established by a post-90s young man to realize his mother’s dream.

Selfless dedication maintains center

A former sailor named Zhou Weiqiang in Songjiang District’s Chedun Town committed himself to public welfare works after he quit his job due to health issues.

Symphony orchestra blows its own trumpet

A concert of the Songjiang Symphony Orchestra was recently staged at the Shanghai Symphony Hall.

Mini garden project is blooming marvellous

Mini gardens in No. 7 Yingyuan Community in Jiading are built from blank spaces at the front of the residential buildings, planting variety of flowers in gardens.