Digital forum hears how workplaces are changing

Li Qian Zhang Chaoyan
Machine learning algorithms have developed for use in most industries, according to a Deloitte survey, to be an epitome of the increased use of AI innovations and applications.
Li Qian Zhang Chaoyan

Digital technologies are reshaping the workplace, experts said at forum in Shanghai. 

In just a few years, machine learning algorithms have developed for use in the majority of industries, according to a 12-year survey by Deloitte .

It is an epitome of the increased use of AI innovations and applications today, said Han Guanghui, a partner in Deloitte China, at the "Enterprise Digital Transformation Summit Forum” at the Shanghai Science Hall.

He highlighted current technology trends that included the industrialization of artificial intelligence, the liberation of supply chains, the machine data revolution and the restarting of the digital work environment.

About a century ago, Henry Ford invented the assembly line for mass production, making vehicles the pillar of modern transport. “In near future, we will be industrializing AI to meet today’s demand,” he said.

Han also proposed the concept of the future office.

"Digital technology will enhance the on-site work experience as the office becomes a hub for collaboration, innovation and meetings," he said.

As highly uncertain market fluctuations may become the new normal, he suggested that enterprises grasp the latest technological trends, focus on building core competitiveness, and achieve "resilient" development.

This year, China's 14th Five-Year Plan has made clear the major tasks and directions for digital transformation.

A new-round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change will promote the digital transformation of enterprises, and strengthen the dominant position of enterprises in technological innovation.

Qian Feng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said: “In the future, China's digital transformation should rely on the industrial Internet, deeply integrate modern information technology and realize the development of green and low-carbon process manufacturing and digital intelligence.”

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