Skills show opens workers' innovation festival

Chen Huizhi
The best workers in the city will inspire fellow residents with their skills and innovative spirit at this year's workers' innovation festival.
Chen Huizhi

Some of the city's best workers and innovators have presented their skills to the public at two events in this year's workers' innovation festival which began over the weekend.

One event held in a shopping mall in Jinshan District on Sunday gathered dozens of workers in different trades ranging from food and beverage, handicrafts to the service industry.

The festival, organized by Shanghai General Trade Union, will last till June 3.

During the festival, top workers of the city and experts will give a series of talks in companies and local communities.

The innovation studios of the top workers will open to the public for visits, and interested people can make a reservation on the trade union's website.

The trade union will also incorporate a function in its official WeChat account "Shengongshe" that allows companies to seek technical support from the innovators.

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