Police stop motorcycle with four riders, driver drunk

Chen Huizhi
A drunken party night has ended badly for a motorcycle driver.
Chen Huizhi
Edited by Chen Huizhi. Subtitles by Chen Huizhi.

The driver of a motorcycle has been detained, accused of being drunk and several other offenses, Shanghai police said on Thursday.

The driver, a man surnamed Han, was stopped by a traffic police officer at the intersection of Guohe Road and Xiangyin Road in Yangpu District at 7:25am on Tuesday, with three passengers.

It is illegal for more than two people to be on a motorcycle.

The police officer checked Han's license and found it did not match the type of motorcycle he was riding, and that the plate of the motorcycle had already been deregistered.

The officer checked his blood alcohol level, and the result was astonishing: Han had 178mg/100ml alcohol in his blood, more than double the limit of 80mg/100ml.

Han admitted that he and his three friends had a drinking party the previous night till 3am, police said.

Also, none of the four were wearing helmets. And the motorcycle was illegally using a bike lane.

Police said the investigation is still underway, and the motorcycle has been seized.

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