One hundred top spots around town just a doorway away

Hu Min
This year's list has beautiful locations embodying Shanghai-style and includes ecological and green spaces, cultural venues and innovation parks.
Hu Min
One hundred top spots around town just a doorway away
Ti Gong

Columbia Circle

Shanghai's cultural and tourism authorities announced this year's list of 100 recommended "great places at doorway" on Thursday, providing diversified options for residents to enrich their leisure life.

They are small but beautiful locations and embody haipai (Shanghai-style) features, the Shanghai Administration of Culture and Tourism said.

The 100 "great places at doorway" include communities, blocks, new commercial circles, innovation parks, plants, ecological and green spaces, and cultural venues.

They have been extended from last year's first batch of "great places at doorway" that mainly comprised countryside parks, historical blocks, leisure blocks and tourism villages, the administration said.

Xichengli Neighborhood, Changxin Ecological Garden in Changning District, NICE2035 street in Yangpu District, Vitality102, Kangjian Community Sports Park in Xuhui District, Jialanting, a re-designed pocket park on Yongjia Road, Thames Town in Songjiang District, Sanlintang Old Street in the Pudong New Area, Qingxi Garden in Qingpu District, and Juquan Culture Street in Baoshan District are on the list.

One hundred top spots around town just a doorway away
Ti Gong

Green Hill in Yangpu District.

The 95-year-old shikumen-style (stone-gated) Xichengli Neighborhood in the Hengfu (Hengshan Road and Fuxing Road) Historical Protection Zone is home to 15 cultural relics, such as the former residence of painting master Zhang Daqian (1899-1983).

Vitality102 on Rushan Road in the Pudong New Area, covering more than 3,200 square meters, is a new type of culture and sports innovation center blending fitness facilities, cultural display, innovation experiences and amusement faculties.

The list also includes BFC in Huangpu, G60 High-Tech Corridor in Songjiang District, Green Hill in Yangpu District, Nanxiang Old Street in Jiading District, Zhangyan Culture Center in Qingpu, Dapuqiao Community Culture and Activity Center in Huangpu District, Middle Ring Road Basketball Park in Putuo District, Ke Art Museum in Qingpu, Wangjiangyi (a rest house by the Huangpu River) in Pudong, Zhenru Gaoling Market in Putuo and Columbia Circle in Changning District.

"It used to be difficult for residents to find a place near their homes to satisfy their cultural, fitness and leisure demands in a metropolis like Shanghai," said Zhang Qi, deputy director of the administration.

"But a number of urban renewal projects conducted in the city in recent years have created many public spaces that reflect the city's vitality and warmth and cater to such demands of residents."

One hundred top spots around town just a doorway away
Ti Gong

Zhangyan Culture Center

The list is based on the online voting result of 530,000 residents and tourists and experts' evaluations.

"The event aims to explore more amazing 'micro spaces' near residents' homes, lifting residents' sense of gain and satisfaction," said Zhang.

The majority of these recommended places are the results of urban renewal projects with involvement and innovation from various sides, such as the public, designers, universities and companies, according to the administration.

Instead of demolishing and rebuilding, micro-revamping aims to revitalize the old communities with subtle renovations and innovative ideas.

Travel agencies in the city have launched five tourist routes stringing together some of these recommended places.

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