Metaverse On! ChinaJoy opens next Saturday

Zhu Shenshen
Exhibitors from game, animation, fashion, smart device to automotive will attend the ChinaJoy show online on the MetaCJ platform.
Zhu Shenshen

ChinaJoy, Asia's biggest game show, will open next Saturday, August 27, in metaverse space MetaCJ, with big name game and hardware exhibitors as well as metaverse applications.

ChinaJoy, the China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference, is normally held in Shanghai each August. But it will be held online this year due to the pandemic, organizers said.

More than 100 exhibitors worldwide, covering game, animation, fashion, smart device and automotive, will attend the ChinaJoy show online. They include top brands like Tencent, NetEase, FunPlus and AMD, Lenovo and Canon.

The online show will be held in a new MetaCJ platform, which offers metaverse applications on digital culture, exhibition, online conference and other applications, according to its developer Shunwang Technology.

Metaverse On! ChinaJoy opens next Saturday
Ti Gong

ChinaJoy's metaverse platform MetaCJ will explore more applications for the spread of digital culture.

Also this week, Shenzhen-listed Shuanwang signed an agreement to join China Digital Chain alliance, a government-authorized alliance with founders such as the online platform of Xinhua news agency (Xinhuanet. com) and the Shanghai Culture Assets and Equity Exchange. Companies such as Baidu and Tencent have joined the alliance for sustainable and healthy development.

Besides the online ChinaJoy show, MetaCJ will explore more metaverse applications for digital culture spread.

The MetaCJ started public beta tests today.

It's the latest move for Shanghai to develop a metaverse industry to create real dollars in the virtual world. The city plans to increase the value of the metaverse in the city to 350 billion yuan (US$54 billion) by 2025.

ChinaJoy, with a history of 20 years, now has about 5-6 million online users and its brand reaches millions of players in China, organizers said.

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