District blueprint to get business up to snuff with the digital age

Xu Wei
Baoshan strives to be at the forefront of Shanghai's cyber ambitions.
Xu Wei

In the digital age, companies, like people, have to adapt to the cyberspace. Northern Shanghai's Baoshan District is giving its business sector a big nudge in that direction.

Shanghai has outlined ambitions to become a global capital for the digital economy, and Baoshan is heeding the call with plans to nurture 100 smaller digital businesses next year.

The project will be undertaken in conjunction with the Shanghai Science and Technology Association.

Baoshan is no stranger to digital development. Businesses in that realm are growing at an estimated 6 percent a year, already reaching a value of 17.5 billion yuan (US$2.41 billion).

This progress is, in part, thanks to a scientific innovation center established in the district to help businesses surmount hurdles in introducing digital operations. Local community health centers have also been equipped with "smart" facilities to improve care for the elderly.

Baoshan envisions a future where digital applications will improve areas such as pandemic prevention, transportation, fire control and emergency services.

"Baoshan is now in fast line for digital transformation," said Chen Jie, Party secretary of the district. "We want to be at the forefront, and we will be recruiting the kind of talent needed to make that a reality."

Ma Xingfa, vice president of Shanghai Science and Technology Association, said his group will work with Baoshan to host more academic forums related to international digital progress and exchange of ideas.

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