Most influential medics and medical facilities announced

Cai Wenjun
Shanghai health authorities and Fudan University encourage more medics and medical facilities to promote health awareness and education, with a focus on social media influence.
Cai Wenjun

Shanghai health authorities teamed up with Fudan University to release the nation's first list of medical facilities and medics with the highest social media influence in terms of health promotion. The list was compiled in an effort to encourage more professionals to participate in public health education.

A total of 162 hospitals, 249 neighborhood health centers, and 322 medics participated in the competition.

Zhongshan Hospital, Renji Hospital, and Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital are the three facilities with the highest scores.

Local medical facilities and medics issued 79,416 pieces of health education information last year, covering various fields like disease prevention and control, public health, mental health, reproductive health and traditional Chinese medicine.

City- and district-level hospitals pay more attention to disease prevention, drug use direction, mother and infant care, and health misconceptions, while grassroots health centers focused more on TCM health care, vaccinations, general medicine and rehabilitation.

Officials from the Shanghai Health Promotion Center said the city will introduce more incentives and mechanisms to encourage medical facilities and staff to do health education.

"Shanghai has included the performance of health promotion into the senior qualification evaluation system for professionals in medicine, pharmacy, nursing and laboratories to give more support to medics and their involvement in health education," said Wang Tong from the health promotion center.

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