People head back as Spring Festival break nearly over

Cai Wenjun
With the Spring Festival break coming to an end on Friday, there has been an increase in incoming train passengers to Shanghai.
Cai Wenjun

With the weeklong Spring Festival break ending on Friday, the local railway stations are reporting a surge in passenger numbers.

The number of passengers travelling by train in the Yangtze River Delta region has been high, with approximately 1.73 million people travelling in the region on Thursday, the highest recorded during the holiday.

According to the rail authorities, about 440,000 passengers are scheduled to arrive in Shanghai by train on Thursday, with some people also taking advantage of the last two days of the holiday to travel in neighbouring regions.

To deal with the crowd, railway station authorities have arranged for extra manpower to guide passengers and improve management.

The Shanghai Metro authorities have also made extensive preparations. Extra trains will be arranged to ensure timely and efficient transportation.

Traffic authorities have also made arrangements to deal with the jump in vehicles returning to Shanghai.

The police said there was a traffic jam on the Yangtze River Bridge and the tunnel section of the G40 expressway. From Wednesday to Friday, over 80,000 vehicles are estimated to drive into the city every day, increasing traffic volume, particularly between 2pm and 10pm. To avoid the jams, the police have advised residents to plan their trips better.

Chongming police have assigned 100 extra officers to patrol and respond quickly in the event of an accident.

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