Shanghai Zoo will improve efficiency after death of tiger cub

Hu Min
The Shanghai Zoo confirmed that a tiger cub drowned in the waters and promised to improve management.
Hu Min
Shanghai Zoo will improve efficiency after death of tiger cub

The tiger cub can be seen floating in the water

Shanghai Zoo has said it will draw lessons and strengthen management after it confirmed on Thursday that a tiger cub had drowned in the zoo's waters.

A video posted online on Wednesday showed the cub floating in water at the zoo, presumably dead, and zoo workers trying to remove it.

It triggered outrage, with many blaming the animal keepers' negligence.

The zoo said on Thursday that it had released a mother tiger and four cubs on the west side of the Lion and Tiger Hill for activities around 10am on January 9.

Around 3pm, three cubs jumped into a pool of water due to "disturbance" from the visitors, the zoo said.

The zoo staff immediately separated the mother tiger and tried to rescue her cubs.

However, they were only able to save two of them, and the third one died in the water.

The zoo claimed that although its staff attempted to save the drowning cub, they were hampered by the water's depth and deep sludge.

It said it will draw lessons from the incident, strengthen management, improve emergency handling mechanisms, and improve animal feeding and management techniques.

The zoo is home to around 6,000 animals.

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