Easier services a highlight in new job promotion law

Zhu Yuting
The Shanghai People's Congress, the city's legislature, approved a law on employment promotion, which includes 81 regulations in 11 chapters and will take effect next month.
Zhu Yuting

A "15-minute employment service circle" is the highlight of a new law on job development in Shanghai as the city strives to create a better employment environment for both employers and employees.

Under the new law, job seekers will find it easier to access or check a job opportunity in the near future.

Also, the result of employment promotion will be taken as a key indicator in the performance evaluation of local governments at all levels.

The Shanghai People's Congress, the city's legislature, approved a law on employment promotion at the weekend, which includes 81 regulations in 11 chapters.

Easier services a highlight in new job promotion law

Shanghai has organized offline job fairs citywide since last weekend to boost employment.

It is a revised and detailed version of Shanghai's latest employment regulation, which was released on March 1, 2006.

It hopes to create a fair environment for job seekers, including further removing discrimination in employment.

It manages to standardize human resources services and gender equality in employment as well as the employment rights and interests of the disabled.

The regulation clearly states the responsibilities and obligations of workers, employers, social organizations, families, schools, media and other social parties, aiming to boost employment and reduce discrimination.

On the other hand, the law outlines a more comprehensive and detailed employment assistance measures which include making good use of job posts for public welfare and providing precise assistance to targeted groups such as young people, college graduates, veterans, disabled personnel as well as former prisoners.

In addition, the regulation proposes to strengthen policy support on various aspects, such as investment, industry, region, finance, taxation, education, and talent, and broaden employment channels, as well as increase job opportunities, and optimize firms' employment security services.

Shanghai will also expand its employment space by encouraging and standardizing the development of flexible employment and new business forms. This means further improving the flexible employment support policies and services, construction of a part-time job market, social insurance, occupational injury protection and other services.

The newly revised law will come into effect from March 1.

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