State support for Pudong rural revitalization

Li Qian Ke Jiayun
State-owned enterprises are assisting villages and farmlands in the Pudong New Area with development.
Li Qian Ke Jiayun

Investors in Shanghai have provided a new boost to the development of villages in the Pudong New Area.

Apart from the iconic skyscrapers of Lujiazui – the stereotypical image of Pudong in many people's minds – Pudong also has a vast number of villages and farmlands. Pudong's state-owned enterprises have signed agreements to invest nearly 2.65 billion yuan (US$386 million) in 452 projects to spruce up 18 villages in the latest effort to boost rural revitalization.

They are mostly concentrated on the congested Pudong International Airport, the well-known Shanghai Disney Resort, and the promising Lingang Special Area. They have geographic advantages but lack experts, talent and capital to advance.

As a result, state-owned enterprises are providing development plans and financial assistance.

One of them, the Lujiazui Group, has begun an investigation into seven contiguous villages surrounding the Shanghai Disney Resort, with the goal of making a development as a whole.

Shanghai Harbour City Development Group will collaborate with Xinjian Village to develop rural tourism on Dishui Lake, including camping, B&Bs and water sports.

Shanghai Pudong Exploration Group is collaborating with Xinchang Town to open a farmer's market in downtown Century Park that will sell local agricultural products.

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