Shanghai restaurants reprimanded for food wastage

Hu Min
A Starbucks and Thai restaurant in Shanghai were recently reprimanded for failing to adhere to food wastage regulations, according to city watchdogs.
Hu Min

A Starbucks outlet in Minhang District and a Thai-style restaurant in Xintiandi were exposed by Shanghai's market watchdog on Friday for failing China's anti-food waste law, which came effective in 2021.

The Starbucks at The Hub, a commercial complex in Minhang, was found negligence to remind customers of food frugality duties last month.

A warning was delivered by officials from the Minhang District Administration for Market Regulation as a result.

The cafe has put a poster in obvious place to promote the virtue of frugality as rectification efforts, according to market regulators.

The Xintiandi outlet of The Market Lane Thai was found to have the same problem without anti-food waste signage or reminders from service staff.

It was given a warning as well.

To curb food wastage, China has launched a comprehensive "Clear Your Plate" campaign in recent years, with restaurants and canteens displaying anti waste posters and banners and media publishing content that promotes the virtue of frugality.

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