Shanghai Science and Technology Awards honor local and international experts

Ke Jiayun
The 2022 Shanghai Science and Technology Awards have acknowledged outstanding contributions in various fields of science, honoring local and international experts.
Ke Jiayun

Eleven local scientists, two foreign experts and 305 projects won the 2022 Shanghai Science and Technology Awards, which saw a significant increase in its natural science and technological invention awards, it was revealed on Friday.

Fifty-six achievements won the natural science awards, an increase of 11 compared with 2020.

Forty-seven achievements won the technology invention awards, 14 more than in 2020.

Among all the awarded projects, natural science awards and technological invention awards accounted for 18.5 and 15.5 percent respectively, higher than the average over the past five years.

At the same time, the number of top prizes of the two awards both exceeded 20 for the first time.

Zhao Dongyuan, chemistry professor at Fudan University, was awarded the "Science and Technology Hero," while another 10 young scientific workers were awarded for their outstanding contributions to science and technology.

Japanese expert Akira Wada and Israeli chemist Itamar Willner were given the Shanghai International Science and Technology Cooperation Award.

Shanghai Science and Technology Awards honor local and international experts
Ma Xuefeng / SHINE

Zhang Wenhong contacts doctors in New York online.

The only special award for popularization of science and technology was given to the medical team led by local infectious disease expert Zhang Wenhong for their great efforts during the pandemic.

The 2022 Shanghai Science and Technology Award review team added a new group especially for the achievements in three major industries led by enterprises – biomedicine, integrated circuits and artificial intelligence, which were nominated and reviewed separately from the others.

In addition, as a result of cross-regional cooperation, there were 236 organizations or institutes from other cities or provinces participating in the research, mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing, and Guangdong and Shandong provinces.

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