Japanese entrepreneurs applaud Shanghai's business environment at CNS salon

Yang Jian
Japanese entrepreneurs and company executives praised Shanghai's flourishing business environment, showing a strong confidence in their continued growth in the city.
Yang Jian
Japanese entrepreneurs applaud Shanghai's business environment at CNS salon
Dong Jun / SHINE

Hongkou District officials speak with Japanese entrepreneurs and company executives, at the JIC Books on the North Bund on Friday.

Japanese entrepreneurs and company executives heaped praise on Shanghai's flourishing business environment, exuding confidence in their continued growth and success within the city.

The accolades were shared during a salon jointly hosted by City News Service (CNS) and the information office of the Hongkou District, affirming the remarkable allure of Shanghai's business landscape.

Thirteen Japanese guests came together with Hongkou District officials at the JIC Books on the North Bund on Friday, to delve into ways of enhancing Shanghai's foreign services and business environment.

The event witnessed interactive exchanges between the district leaders and the Japanese guests, along with captivating performances of traditional Chinese music featuring the enchanting guqin (plucked seven-string Chinese instrument).

The CNS Loyalty Program, part of City News Service's specialized research initiatives, aims to provide valuable insights for upgrading foreign services in Shanghai. Each research activity incorporates cultural exchanges and experiences, encouraging expatriates to actively raise questions and suggestions.

The Japanese business-focused event marks the third offline activity of the project and is the first to specifically target Japanese entrepreneurs and executives.

City News Service has been devoted to addressing key concerns of expatriates about work, study, and daily life in Shanghai since its launch in November last year. CNS provides practical information in a foreign-friendly manner and continuously optimizes its services.

The Hongkou District leaders welcomed the Japanese entrepreneurs and executives at the event, offering insights into Hongkou's investment environment and foreign services.

The district's deep-rooted ties with Japan date back to the visits of revolutionary pioneers such as Dr. Sun Yat-sen and early Communist Party of China (CPC) leader Chen Duxiu between the North Bund and Japan.

In recent years, notable Japanese multinational companies like Panasonic, KOSÉ, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines and Orix have established their presence in Hongkou, contributing significantly to the region's high-quality economic development, according to the district government.

Hongkou officials provided explanations on talent, intellectual property, industry support policies and other business-related matters.

They emphasized the importance of the longstanding friendship between China and Japan, particularly in the private sector, which forms a solid foundation for expanding mutual investment and trade.

The district government expressed its commitment to further refining policies conducive to foreign investment and development in Shanghai, protecting intellectual property rights, attracting talents for foreign-invested enterprises, and fostering their sustainable growth.

Japanese entrepreneurs applaud Shanghai's business environment at CNS salon
Dong Jun / SHINE

Japanese entrepreneurs and company executives share opinions on Shanghai's business environment.

Hioki Hidemitsu, the general manager of Nidec (Shanghai) International Trading Co., appreciated the opportunity for industry representatives to converge, interact and directly connect with government officials.

He said the district leaders assured them of the determination to improve the business environment, effectively establishing a communication channel between businesses and the government.

Adachi Ken, the general manager of Shanghai Huitu Tourism Consulting Co. (Kouraku Shanghai), said he was impressed with Hongkou's receptivity to Japanese enterprises' views and proactive attitude in improving the business environment.

Shimoda Kenji, general manager assistant of The Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Company (China), said he believes that the Shanghai government's proactive approach in seeking input from foreign businesses bodes well for the future development of Japanese enterprises in the city.

He emphasized the importance of such platforms for problem-solving, sharing information, and resources, and looks forward to the continuation of such events to further contribute to the optimization of Shanghai's business environment.

The salon will continue to organize cultural exchange activities and communicate favorable policies for foreign enterprises and talents, to further enhance Shanghai's international competitiveness and create an even more favorable environment for foreign investment, according to CNS.

Japanese entrepreneurs applaud Shanghai's business environment at CNS salon
Dong Jun / SHINE

Thirteen Japanese entrepreneurs and company executives attend the CNS event.

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