Café fined for obscene names for coffee drinks

Hu Min
Market regulators impose a 30,000 yuan morality violation penalty on Danshui Road establishment after customers alert them to titles for its coffee that they considered offensive.
Hu Min

A café in downtown Huangpu District has been fined for violation of public order and morality.

Drinks such as Americanos and lattes served by the shop bearing the signage "Doi Coffee" (Make Love Coffee) on Danshui Road were deemed to have obscene names by customers who tipped off regulators.

The menu included drinks such as "doggy style latte" and "Doi Americanos," market regulators in the district found.

As a result, the café was fined 30,000 yuan (US$4,176).

A total of 170 drinks with the obscene names had been sold both offline and on online meal service platforms such as and when the case was uncovered in July and the sales volume amounted to 2,350 yuan, according to the Huangpu District Administration for Market Regulation.

The café has made rectifications, officials said.

Café fined for obscene names for coffee drinks

Coffees on the café's online order page.

Language decency has been a focus of market regulators lately as some shops were found to play under-par word games to tease consumers.

A retailer on the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Mall was also fined 200,000 yuan for selling products with labels of obscene words that indicating sex in a vulgar way.

Café fined for obscene names for coffee drinks

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