Medics' innovations to go into commercial development

Cai Wenjun
Novel medical innovations developed by clinical practitioners at Zhongshan Hospital will go into industrial development and manufacturing to benefit patients.
Cai Wenjun

Several novel medical innovations developed by clinical practitioners at Zhongshan Hospital will go into follow-up industrial development and manufacturing for a better clinical and practical combination to benefit patients as the hospital signed agreements with enterprises on Thursday.

All 20 of the innovations were created by medics based on clinical demand, to further improve treatment outcomes for major diseases such as heart disease and cancer, or enhance medical precision and efficiency by introducing advanced technologies including artificial intelligence.

An AI-based wearable electrocardiography system is a highlight among the innovations and has received positive response in previous trials.

It is an Internet-based AI remote electrocardiogram monitoring system, which allows patients to receive real-time monitoring in their daily lives. The system can do dynamic and automatic diagnosis on abnormal data through an AI-guided innovative algorithm.

Doctors in Zhongshan Hospital teamed up with about 10 neighborhood health centers in Qingpu District to try the system on some 1,500 elderly residents and some 150 people were detected to have problems, despite having no symptoms.

Local hospitals have encouraged its medics to conduct scientific innovation and helped medics to introduce their innovations to enterprises for commercial development and production through a medical transformation platform.

Zhongshan said its medics have applied for over 3,000 patents and received some 1,600 patent authorizations in the past 10 years, with 178 million yuan (US$24.9 million) patent transfer fee.

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