Huangpu gets ready for roller skating, marathon fusion race

Yang Jian
A fusion of roller skating and marathon, the first of its kind in Asia, will be held in downtown Shanghai's Huangpu District on April 14, with about 5,000 participants expected.
Yang Jian
Huangpu gets ready for roller skating, marathon fusion race
Ti Gong

Officials and athletes jointly launch the 2024 Huangpu Marathon on Friday.

A fusion of roller skating and marathon, the first of its kind in Asia, will be held in Shanghai's downtown Huangpu District on April 14.

About 5,000 participants will take part in the 2024 Huangpu Marathon, which combines the International Roller Skating Marathon Tour, the China Roller Skating Marathon Open, the Shanghai Corporate Quarter Marathon and the Huangpu Marathon Online Race.

Organized by the World Roller Skating Federation, the roller skating marathon is set to welcome 2,000 roller skaters from over 20 countries, competing in full, half, and quarter marathon distances.

The Shanghai leg offers a grand prize of US$10,000 for the highest competitive category. As the first of six global stops, it has garnered interest from both domestic and international roller skating enthusiasts.

Belgian Bart Swings, the speed skating gold medalist at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and a world champion in speed roller skating, will be among the participants.

Zang Yinglu, a dual gold medalist in speed roller skating at the 14th National Games and a prominent athlete from Huangpu, is also set to compete.

"Witnessing the birth of Huangpu's first roller skating marathon, spanning the core areas of the district, is truly remarkable," said Zang.

The Shanghai Corporate Quarter Marathon will attract 3,000 participants from Fortune 500 companies, well-known enterprises and renowned businesses in Huangpu.

The event is Huangpu's response to the city government's call for creating a favorable business environment.

Registration is ongoing. Companies are encouraged to check the Huangpu District Sports Bureau's official WeChat account (HuangpuSports) for sign-up details.

Huangpu gets ready for roller skating, marathon fusion race
Ti Gong

The memorial T-shirt for the 2024 Huangpu Marathon was also unveiled on Friday.

"Participating in this marathon, which aligns with environmental, societal, and governmental goals, offers a unique opportunity to promote sustainability with stride and sweat," said Stefan Bott, representing Ventilation China of Vaillant Group, renowned for its high-efficiency climate and water heating solutions.

"I believe that sports gives a lot of positive energy and contributes to a healthy lifestyle," he added.

The 2024 Huangpu Marathon is set to start at 7am on April 14 at the Bund. Roller skaters will kick off the race, followed by runners.

The finish line for the full and half roller skating marathons will be at 68 Longhua Road E, while the quarter marathon for both roller skating and running will conclude at the World Expo Museum.

The course will pass through Shanghai's most iconic landscapes, including the Bund, the old town of Huangpu, Huaihai Road M, and the site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China, showcasing the rich cultural charm and vibrant sports spirit of Huangpu, according to the district government.

Sponsored by businesses, including American sportswear firm Under Armour and jewelry brand Lao Feng Xiang, the marathon emphasizes corporate social responsibility.

A charity market will be set up at the finish line, seeking donations to support youth sports in Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of northwest China's Qinghai Province.

Under Armour will support the event with funding, race attire, and prizes, in addition to providing pre-race running training camps and official pacing services. Lao Feng Xiang will provide financial support, trophies and medals.

Furthermore, in partnership with Alipay Sports, the event will expand its reach through an online race, allowing runners everywhere to participate.

Huangpu gets ready for roller skating, marathon fusion race
Ti Gong

Scan the QR code on the poster to register for the Shanghai Corporate Quarter Marathon.

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