Fisher-Price in safety recall of Rock 'n Play sleepers

Hu Min
US-based toymaker Fisher-Price has launched a safety recall of more than 13,000 Rock 'n Play sleepers on the Chinese mainland.
Hu Min

US-based toymaker Fisher-Price has launched a safety recall of more than 13,000 Rock 'n Play sleepers on the Chinese mainland, triggering concerns among Shanghai mothers.

The recall is for three models of imported Rock 'n Play sleepers, the FHW27, FNR95 and GDT70, and the number of affected products is 13,642, according to the State Administration for Market Regulation, which received the recall from the Shanghai parent branch of the company.

Since 2009 when the product was launched, more than 30 infant fatalities have occurred in Rock 'n Play sleepers, after the infants rolled over while unrestrained, or under other circumstances, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Fisher-Price has issued a statement on its website.

"Questions have been raised about the Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play sleeper — that’s why we are announcing a voluntary recall of all units of the product," it said.

"While we continue to stand by the safety of all of our products, given the reported incidents in which the product was used contrary to safety warnings and instructions, we’ve decided in partnership with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, that this voluntary recall is the best course of action."

Consumers should immediately stop using the product and contact Fisher-Price for a refund or voucher, it said.

The company said it would release a recall plan on Weibo and WeChat for the Chinese mainland market, and consumers can also dial 800-820-6939 for details.

However, an after-sales person at the Shanghai branch of Mattel, the parent company of Fisher-Price, said consumers must wait until Thursday for a reply over when the refund can be offered.

The recall has triggered concerns by Shanghai parents.

"I give consideration to a number of factors such as load-bearing and height," said Anna Che, a Shanghai mother of a 5-month-old infant. "I think paying attention to infants even when they sleep is important. I also pay attention to the safety instruction of such baby products."

Ma Minjie, another mother of an 8-month-old boy, added: "The news is sort of surprising because Fisher-Price is a big brand and I will be cautious when buying its products following so many fatalities. All in all, safety is the priority."

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