HKSAR govt, schools build future together

Chief secretary for administration of HK hopes the education sector to cultivate a new generation, having a sense of national identity and international perspective.

Matthew Cheung, chief secretary for administration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government, said on Sunday that he hopes the education sector will work with the HKSAR government to cultivate a new generation who has a sense of national identity and international perspective with the support of the whole society.

The Education Bureau of the HKSAR government earlier issued a circular memorandum to all secondary schools to provide details about the proposals of optimizing the curricula and assessments of the four senior secondary core subjects, including Chinese Language, English Language, Math and Liberal Studies.

The optimizing of Liberal Studies places emphasis on helping senior secondary students understand the situation in Hong Kong, the nation and the contemporary world, as well as their pluralistic and interdependent nature.

Cheung said in his blog that the new curriculum will enable all students to understand the development of the country, the Constitution of the country, the HKSAR Basic Law and the rule of law, deepen their national identity and sense of civic responsibility, and understand contemporary cross-disciplinary issues, so that they can connect the knowledge and skills of different disciplines.

The Education Bureau also issued circulars to schools in Hong Kong to provide guidelines on school administration and education in relation to safeguarding national security.

Hong Kong will remain stable by upholding “one country, two systems” and capitalizing on its advantages to actively integrate into the country’s development and seize the great opportunities of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.

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