Chinese jet flight to explore Party history

Yang Jian
Genghis Khan Airlines, second operator of the ARJ21, launches the Red Research and Study Project with the Hinggan League (prefecture) in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
Yang Jian
Chinese jet flight to explore Party history
Ti Gong

A Genghis Khan Airlines ARJ21 with the livery of the Red Culture tourism project.

The first “red culture” flight on China’s ARJ21 regional jetliner was launched on Thursday in North China, inviting travelers to take the jet to learn the history of the Communist Party of China.

Genghis Khan Airlines, the second operator of the ARJ21, launched the Red Research and Study Project with the Hinggan League (prefecture) in the northern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

It aims to enhance education of the Party’s history and install a sense of pride among passengers and is among the events to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party.

The Hinggan League has many red culture historic sites. The Inner Mongolia government, China’s first autonomous government of ethnic minority, was founded in the prefecture in May, 1947. Guided tours will take visitors to the Inner Mongolia National Memorial and the site of the May 1 Conference, the first congress of the autonomous region that ended the separation of Inner Mongolia for over three centuries.

The Inner Mongolian carrier plans to operate with a wholly domestically developed fleet. It took delivery of its first ARJ21 in Shanghai in February 2019.

The airline plans to purchase 25 ARJ21s in five years and will later receive the C919, China's first home-developed narrow-body jet.

The carrier has been operating flights to seven destinations within the region, including Hohhot, Xilinhot, Ulanhot and Hailar. Five ARJ21s have transported nearly 210,000 passengers.

It aims to open 60 flights within five years to improve transport within Inner Mongolia and explore the marketing and industrial development of the domestically developed jet, according to the carrier.

The ARJ21 regional jet, with eight premier and 70 economy-class seats, is suitable for the high terrain of Inner Mongolia. A seven-hour highway drive within the region, for instance, can be shortened to roughly an hour by air.

To date, the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, developer of the ARJ21 and C919, has received 670 orders for the ARJ21, and has delivered 46.

The ARJ21 is China's first turbofan regional passenger jetliner designed with a range of 3,700 kilometers. The ARJ21 was put into commercial service by Chengdu Airlines in June 2016 and is operated by seven domestic carriers, including Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines.

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