Kindy teacher fired for encouraging spread of COVID-19 on social media

Wang Zhihan Wang Qingchu
Woman was detained by Dalian police after posts saying she hoped the epidemic could be as severe as possible.
Wang Zhihan Wang Qingchu

A kindergarten teacher was detained and fired for encouraging the spread of COVID-19 in a northeast port city on her social media, local police said on November 17.

The woman surnamed Song claimed to be a kindergarten teacher and said on Weibo that she hoped the epidemic in Dalian, Liaoning Province, could be as severe as possible.

Since all schools have closed offline classes due to the pandemic, Song said she felt glad to see parents breaking down for having to tutor homework.

Her words of hope for there to be more cases in Dalian and for more kids to get infected caused public outrage online.

Many netizens said it was a shame to have such a teacher.

Song has been put under administrative detention for vandalism, Dalian police said.

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