Expats of Shanghai

The Italian Consul General, his wife, and their China adventures

The Italian Consul General and his wife have loved their time in China, but it's quickly coming to an end. They share some of their memories.

Jochen from Germany never expected his life would change so much moving here

German Jochen recorded his version of Shanghai by writing a guide book and a Chinese song, and the city gave him a Chinese wife and a beautiful ten-month-old baby girl.

Alex from Belgium hates Shanghai's winter, but loves everything else

The green-eyed, charming man from Belgium shows high loyalty to his job and workplace, and enjoys a simple but extreme daily life in a small square in downtown Shanghai.

American James and getting to know Shanghai on buses and skateboards

Five years ago, James got to know Shanghai by buses. Five years later, he opened a skateboard company and enjoys teaching kids how to ride skateboards.

Noyan from Turkey and stories from his 35 years in China

About 35 years ago, a Turkish guy came to China for his masters and has been here ever since. He loves Shanghai, but definitely still has his homeland deep in his heart.

Mexican Luis and his adventures running around Shanghai and China

Mexican Luis said he had done 100 marathons in 19 countries beginning in the year 2000, but he hopes to run in 50 more countries yet.

Cindy and her split-second decision to move to Shanghai

After retirement in the US, energetic Cindy came to Shanghai with her newly-married husband and continued her career in Shanghai.

Mexican girl Lucero discovered her roots in Shanghai

Mexican Lucero came to China because of her mother's roots, but now she's found her love and career here: China has completely changed her life.

Stella from England: Our oldest 'Expat of Shanghai'

80-year-old Stella, from England, really enjoys her regular three-month holidays in Shanghai every year, in which time she became a loyal Shanghai Daily reader.

Karin calls Shanghai home, feels like a foreigner back in the USA

Karin moved to Shanghai at four, and she loves it here, but she's keen to head back to the USA  for college, even though she feels like a foreigner there now.