Charity in Shanghai

People with big hearts are the treasures of society. Shanghai has recognized the city’s best charity programs to inspire more people to become involved in helping the less fortunate. This series profiles some of the Samaritans who are making that happen in their communities.

Helping the handicapped on dual fronts

Buy for Two (Buy42) aims to raise funds to help the handicapped and also hires people with disabilities to assist with donated items.

Company gives credit for finding lost items

Dolphin Lost and Found aims to reunite people with their mislaid possessions and offers rewards to the finders

Blind leading the blind to more-fulfilling lives

Ji Yanqing, 35, and his friends have created an online platform for people like him who are visually impaired. The platform was selected one of the top 10 charities in Shanghai.

Vision for the future: better child eye care

Gong Yi, who suffered severe eye disease and was on the verge of losing eyesight, founded a non-profit service center in Shanghai to offer eye-care education to young children.

Promoting fair play among buyers, sellers

The Shanghai-based nonprofit group iFair has long been striving to eliminate the disconnect between disadvantaged people who produce goods and buyers down the supply chain.

Finding rhythms of life in the sound of silence

Lu Yi learned to cope with his deafness through dance. Now he dedicates his life to helping those with hearing impairments find new dignity in their lives through dance.

Private charity helps impoverished children

For the past decade, Liu Zhexin has donated nearly all his savings and a good portion of his free time to helping needy students in poor rural areas.

Depths of despair, capstone of compassion

A 46-year-old Anhui native has founded the nonprofit Leshanyuan Service Center to provide meals and host special events for senior citizens.
Art & Culture

Bamboo-weaving master finds support among the disabled

Cheng Li, a bamboo-weaving master from Sichuan Province, is turning to disabled people in Shanghai in the hope that they can carry on the craft. 

Charity targets the brainpower of the aged

The Jian'ai Charity is devoted to helping dementia patients, teaching them the traditional folk art of paper-cutting.