Historical Markers in Shanghai

The Communist Party of China sculpted today’s modern, thriving nation, and in its wake are the legacies of eminent leaders and significant events imprinted on sites in Shanghai. This series takes you to historic buildings and places in the city where you can visit the past and hear the stories of the building of a nation.

A short period of history creates an enduring legacy

The Shanghai residence of former Premier Zhou Enlai is a memorial to one of the great leaders of China's revolution.

Party hero and chronicler of the Long March

A suburban watertown in Shanghai pays tribute to its native son Chen Yun, who rose from poverty to become an influential shaper of China's economic policies.

The fight for workers' rights started in a Shanghai house

The National Labor Union Secretariat in downtown Shanghai stands as a memorial to the cradle of the Communists' national labor rights movement.

Translator's former residence now a Communist Manifesto exhibition center

Chen Wangdao wanted a Chinese version of the document by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, believing that communism was the way forward for China.

Quiet site that gave birth to the Party

A memorial museum using modern technologies to recreate a historic event is proving popular with visitors.

The legacy of 'the saint of modern China'

Lu Xun's spirit may also inspire people nowadays, providing calm for a society undergoing rapid change.

Grocer's facade veiled secret Party leader

Yuyuan Road, sandwiched in between shopping malls and tower blocks, is home to a memorial honouring the history of the underground Chinese Communist Party during turbulent times.

Bombed-out library with revolutionary past

The Oriental Library, destroyed by Japanese bombs and arson in 1932, is marked by a monument on the grounds of a vocational school on Baoshan Road in Jing'an District.
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The melting pot of cultures and ideas that gives Shanghai its unique spirit as a city

The core of red culture, as we can see today, is concern about the people's happiness, national rejuvenation, and building a community with a shared future for mankind.
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Shanghai Daily offers English-speaking guide service at refurbished Chairman Mao residence

The former residence of Chairman Mao Zedong is to become more foreigner-friendly after the Shanghai Daily and Jing'an Cultural Bureau signed up to offer an English-speaking guide.