Historical Markers in Shanghai

The Communist Party of China sculpted today’s modern, thriving nation, and in its wake are the legacies of eminent leaders and significant events imprinted on sites in Shanghai. This series takes you to historic buildings and places in the city where you can visit the past and hear the stories of the building of a nation.

Bombed-out library with revolutionary past

The Oriental Library, destroyed by Japanese bombs and arson in 1932, is marked by a monument on the grounds of a vocational school on Baoshan Road in Jing'an District.
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The melting pot of cultures and ideas that gives Shanghai its unique spirit as a city

The core of red culture, as we can see today, is concern about the people's happiness, national rejuvenation, and building a community with a shared future for mankind.
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Shanghai Daily offers English-speaking guide service at refurbished Chairman Mao residence

The former residence of Chairman Mao Zedong is to become more foreigner-friendly after the Shanghai Daily and Jing'an Cultural Bureau signed up to offer an English-speaking guide.

Exhibitions recall Premier Zhou Enlai's experiences in Shanghai

China's late Premier Zhou Enlai's experiences in Shanghai are captured in two exhibitions at the sites of the First and the Fourth National Congress of the CPC.
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The special corner of Shanghai that helped Mao form his ideas for creating a new China

When Mao left the city in December 1924, it might be safe to conjecture that the 10 months he spent in Shanghai considerably honed his capability and leadership skills.

A treasure trove of memorable and historical moments

The site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China stands as a memorial and visitors can learn about the Party's vital role in building the nation.
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Revisiting CPC congress legacy in fostering social revolution

A few observations suffice to tell us how risky it was to be a revolutionary in times such as these, and how resourceful CPC delegates must be to outwit police and spies.
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Key to CPC's success? Keeping connected with the people and staying true to its roots

To some speakers, the CPC's status as the ruling party means it should hold its members to a stricter standard than the laws and regulations that ordinary citizens are subject to.

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Memorial's message: Youth can live up to idealism of their revolutionary forerunners

In an interview with Zhang Liming, director of the memorial, said that hopefully visitors and Party cadres will continue to be fired up by the idealism of their forerunners.