Shanghai Heritage

Cultural heritage defines our journey from past to present. The rituals and art forms developed by ancestors to entertain and express themselves often tend to be obscured by the hurly-burly of modern urban life. Shanghai is trying to rediscover, revive and preserve the ethos of traditional music, folk arts, dance, festivals, food and finely crafted artifacts that shape the soul of who we are today.

90-year-old suit company to open high-tech tailoring center

Baromon, a 90-year-old time-honored brand of Shanghai, will open China's first automated clothing making center by the end of 2018.
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Clutching at straws to make a dragon

Fei Tugen, 72, in Qingpu District, is an "inheritor" of the national cultural heritage craft of making straw dragons. He has been doing it for more than 20 years.
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Maintaining tradition one stitch at a time

Gu embroidery is not only decorative but also an art form in its own right. Three artists have been keeping the tradition alive their whole lives.
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Phoenix rising: return of the slinky dress

Qipao, the traditional Chinese body-hugging dress with high side slits,  is now enjoying a bit of a renaissance at the venerable Long Feng Chinese Clothing Store in Shanghai.

Art & Culture

Chants to soothe the soul, impart wisdom

A celebrated musical ensemble at Shanghai's Jade Buddha Temple enlightens a modern age about ancient traditions of religion, wisdom and philosophy.
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Artists' stamps shine brightly for years

There's a lot more that goes into that red stamp on Chinese paintings and calligraphy than meets the eye. Making the ink is a painstaking process that has survived for many years.
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Wizards of modern puppetry conjure up magical worlds

Shanghai Puppet Theater is working hard to keep the 2,000-year-old ancient art form alive, evolving to keep in tune with the times.
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Nimble fingers turn dough into delicate art

Chen Yu, 68, has devoted almost 40 years to making dough figurines. The traditional art is among Shanghai's and also China's intangible cultural heritage.
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The tie that binds: cultural heritage that defines who we are

Shanghai has spared no effort in rediscovering and preserving its intangible culture over the past 12 years.