Agreements on futuristic high-tech projects signed in Putuo

Yang Jian
A new batch of scientific innovation projects was signed in Shanghai's Putuo District on Friday.
Yang Jian
Agreements on futuristic high-tech projects signed in Putuo
Ti Gong

Xiao Wengao (right), the director of Putuo, hands out a business license to a newly established scientific innovation company in the district.

A new batch of scientific innovation projects to develop Putuo District was signed on Friday in sectors like intelligence, health, new materials, and the metaverse.
Putuo's director, Xiao Wengao, handed out business licenses to the 27 essential firms.

The International Innovation Center of Tsinghua University's automotive chip lab incubated Xinchewuxian, a significant project that will contribute to the automotive electronics sector.

The company will carry out independent chip research and development in multiple areas, including power, chassis, body, and central control.

Putuo has already assembled approximately 40 upstream and downstream enterprises in the intelligent connected car sector at Tsinghua University Shanghai's International Innovation Center.

Zucheng Culture, a pioneer in the metaverse industry, aspires to produce interactive metaverse experiences.

They have successfully fostered a number of well-known intellectual properties, amassing nearly a billion fans. The company will assist Putuo in developing a cultural brand associated with the "Half Marathon Suzhou Creek," or the 21-kilometer riverbank zones in Putuo.

Several high-tech companies with headquarters and research facilities in Putuo have established themselves in the sectors of tumor diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, as well as advanced ophthalmic medical equipment.

Putuo's financial revenue increased by 22.2 percent year on year from January to September, while fixed asset investment surged by 42.2 percent, ranking it at the top of all districts for nine consecutive months.

The signing ceremony also acts as one of the preliminary events leading up to the 6th China International Import Expo, which will take place from November 5 to 10 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Qingpu.

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