Shanghai remains a key city for global investment

Tan Weiyun
Shanghai's status as a global investment hub is growing due to its world-class infrastructure, financial resources, industry chain layout, and government support.
Tan Weiyun

Shanghai’s status as a worldwide investment powerhouse is growing. The city’s investment landscape stands out for its stability, efficiency, and unwavering government support, with a strong history of attracting global corporations.

The city has become a preferred choice for foreign capital, offering a seamless blend of cutting-edge infrastructure, robust financial resources, and a world-leading industry chain layout.

Shanghai remains a key city for global investment

SAIC Volkswagen is confident in the future development of the automotive industry due to the continuity of Shanghai’s industry-related policies and the city’s favorable business environment.

SAIC Volkswagen

SAIC Volkswagen, one of China’s first automotive joint ventures, represents the evolution of Shanghai’s automotive industry over the last 40 years. It is a vital contributor to the “Made in Shanghai” legacy, thanks to the Volkswagen-SAIC collaboration.

SAIC Volkswagen has evolved since the introduction and localization of the Santana model, launching popular Volkswagen brands such as the Lavida, Passat, Tiguan, and Teramont. The company’s total production and sales have surpassed 27 million vehicles, securing its brand status with the highest vehicle population in China.

It has taken a big step with its entry into the new-energy vehicle industry, with the ID series electric vehicles continuously topping the joint venture new-energy market.

Shanghai has successfully established a comprehensive new-energy vehicle industry chain, encompassing raw materials, vehicle manufacturing, and the automotive aftermarket, thereby creating a sustainable automotive ecosystem.

“The continuity of Shanghai’s policies on the automotive industry and new-energy vehicles, as well as the favorable business environment, make us confident in the future development of the automotive industry,” said Yu Jingmin, executive vice president of Sales & Marketing at SAIC Volkswagen Automotive Co Ltd and president of SAIC-Volkswagen Sales Co Ltd.

The carmaker has made significant investments in Shanghai, including the establishment of the world’s first new-energy vehicle factory in Anting Town, Jiading District. The plant incorporates innovative intelligent manufacturing technology from Volkswagen, coinciding with Shanghai’s ambitions for high-end industrial clusters with international competitiveness.

“We’ll keep our promise to bring the latest and best technologies and products to Shanghai, even China,” Yu said.

He also hoped Shanghai could strengthen the Yangtze River Delta automobile industry cluster through intelligent manufacturing and build a talent highland to help companies attract and retain top personnel.

Shanghai remains a key city for global investment

Sony’s sustainability-themed booth at the 6th CIIE. The company remains optimistic about Shanghai’s future development and ever-improving business environment.

Sony Group

Sony Group Corporation, a creative entertainment company with a solid foundation of technology, is thriving in Shanghai. It has established a strong foothold in the fast-expanding Chinese market, ranking alongside the United States and Japan as one of its top three global markets.

Since its establishment in Beijing in 1996, Sony (China) Limited has strategically extended its footprint in China.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (Shanghai) Limited, Sony Semiconductor Solutions (Shanghai) Limited, Aniplex (Shanghai) Limited, and Shanghai Suoguang Visual Products Co Ltd have all played pivotal roles in Sony’s comprehensive operational platform, integrating product planning, design, research and development, production, sales, and services to meet local developmental needs.

“Sony is optimistic about Shanghai’s future development and the improving trend of its business environment for foreign-invested enterprises, and will continue to participate actively in Shanghai’s socioeconomic development,” said Takehito Soeda, vice president of Sony China.

Sony China held its largest brand event in a decade, “Sony Expo,” at the Bund International E-sports Culture Center in May, featuring cutting-edge technology, software, and new product releases. The immersive sustainable installation “Nature Resonance,” designed by Design Center China, was named to the prestigious “Shanghai Design 100+ Insights into the Future” list in September.

“Shanghai’s business environment is highly favorable, with comprehensive support provided by the government for multinational corporate headquarters and foreign-funded R&D centers, along with various specialized government services,” Soeda said. “There’s a collective aspiration that Shanghai will continue to develop a distinctive business environment and maintain its leading position nationwide.”

Shanghai remains a key city for global investment

Essential technology provider Fortive anticipates Shanghai to roll out more policies and incentives that will increase the city’s attraction to multinational firms and foreign investment.


Fortive, a provider of essential technology, is marking its seventh year as a public corporation this year. Its business concept is based on the Fortive Business System, which promotes continuous development and collaboration with customers to raise standards in health care, food safety, workplace safety, sustainability, compliance, and reliability.

Despite Fortive’s recent public debut, its operating companies, which include industry leaders such as Fluke, Tektronix, and Industrial Scientific, have a long history of serving important clients in China.

“China has always been a critical market and a source of growth for us, with Shanghai at the forefront of China’s reform and opening-up. It is not only a financial capital but also a center of innovation,” said Jasper Ang, president of Fortive Asia. “The Shanghai government has released a set of policies and measures to strengthen the development of modernized industrial systems and encourage investment in advanced technologies.”

Fortive brings together major operating brands such as Advanced Sterilization Products, Fluke, Industrial Scientific and Tektronix by establishing manufacturing facilities, an R&D center, labs, and the Fortive One Site office building in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area and Changning District. This joint endeavor intends to generate synergy and contribute to a stronger, safer, and smarter future.

“If we want to go far, we go together,” Ang said. “Fortive anticipates further policies and incentives that will increase the city’s attraction to multinational firms and foreign investment.”

“Collaborative efforts are necessary for long-term advancements in future modernized industrial systems. Creating an ecosystem for integrated enterprise development will be welcomed by all value chain players, whether through productive matchmaking events or strategic cooperation in various formats,” Ang said.

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