New trend in beauty and personal care products

Ding Yining
Japan, France, South Korea and the US have been flooding the Chinese market with skincare and beauty products as firms feed into local demand for personalized products.
Ding Yining

Regular and first-time exhibitors are displaying a variety of beauty and personal care products for different occasions at the ongoing CIIE.

Multinationals are riding on the new trend of more personalized, nuanced demands from domestic customers.

According to the General Administration of Customs, Japan, France, South Korea, and the US have been the leading exporters of skincare and beauty products into China in recent years.

Multinational firms have entered the personal care market due to diversified demand, and the CIIE is a key launch platform.

In 2021, Euromonitor estimated China's skincare and beauty market at 572.6 billion yuan (US$81 billion), 17.3 percent of the global market.

It expects the premium skincare segment could make up 53 percent of market share by 2025 in China.

New trend in beauty and personal care products
Ti Gong

More than 40 new products from 22 popular brands under the Shiseido Group were displayed at the 5th CIIE.

More than 40 new products from 22 brands under the Shiseido Group were presented at this year's CIIE.

Shiseido's first dietary supplement, the Shiseido Ultimune Probiotic Powder, made its global debut while expanding its portfolio.

THE GINZA has also introduced the recently released Revitalizer as well as the China debut of the improved Moisturizing Emulsion. The firm has also increased its investment in retail channels in China.

Since the premium skincare brand THE GINZA made its inaugural appearance at the CIIE in 2020, it has opened seven boutiques and brand counters in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Wuhan. Another new outlet is scheduled to open at the end of the year in Chengdu.

URARA has made its first-ever appearance at the CIIE with its first eye and lip texture creams, all made in Japan. It has also brought 16 refillable versions of its star products as it leverages the CIIE stage to promote sustainable solutions.

The Shiseido Beauty Innovations Fund earlier this year invested nearly 100 million yuan in Series-A financing for Jiangsu Trautec Medical Technology Co, a local producer of recombinant collagen biomaterials.

The investment could allow the company to be better involved in local innovations and enjoy further momentum in the highly promising area of functional skincare.

Shiseido China CEO Kentaro Fujiwara said the company will continue to leverage Shiseido China's role as the group's second global headquarters to develop China's position as a source of global beauty innovation.

New trend in beauty and personal care products
Ti Gong

A five-time exhibitor, Kao Group has stepped up local research and signed up for next year's expo.

Anti-bacterial and odor-eliminating detergents, as well as the Freeplus skincare brand, are among the Kao Group's diverse personal care and household cleaning solutions.

Kao Group, a five-time exhibitor, has already signed up for next year's show and has increased its local research efforts, claiming that the event helps it stay connected with local buyers.

Its skincare brand Curel's new ceramide anti-wrinkle cream was developed by research teams in both China and Japan to cater to those with allergic skin, and it is now being manufactured commercially in its Guangzhou facility.

New trend in beauty and personal care products
Ding Yining / SHINE

The US beauty company Coty has said that it plans to launch its ultra-premium brand Orveda in China in 2023.

With a new product line-up scheduled to enter China, Coty's Ultra premium skincare sector will give the beauty market additional growth impetus. The US cosmetics company said that the debut of its ultra-premium brand Orveda in China is set for 2023.

Lancaster will also introduce its new ultra-premium line, "Ligne Princière," in China in March next year.

The launch of these skincare brands at the CIIE shows the cosmetics group's commitment to investing in China.

It claims that introducing the two new brands meets the needs of Chinese consumers who want to improve their skincare expertise, seek effectiveness, and differentiate their brands and goods.

According to Caroline Andreotti, executive vice president of prestige skincare brands at Coty, "CIIE is without a doubt the perfect stage for it to unveil these two important skincare brands in China."

New trend in beauty and personal care products
Ti Gong

L'Oréal has seen huge potential in the convergence of technology and skincare.

On the beauty device front, L'Oréal has introduced the Lancôme Skin Screen, an AI-enabled personalized skin diagnostic and score system that aggregates over 13 different clinical indicators.

The cosmetics giant, which updates its product lines and exhibits every year, sees great promise in the convergence of technology and skincare.

The YSL SCENT-SATION, jointly developed by L'Oréal and EMOTIV, offers a glimpse inside the first-of-its-kind, in-store experience that provides tailored fragrance guidance.

Using a multi-sensor, EEG-based headset, along with machine learning algorithms, it could capture consumers' emotions toward different scent families and help them determine the scent suited to their emotions.

New trend in beauty and personal care products
Ti Gong

Customized technologies have been used to make bath bomb with tailor-made scent at Amorepacific's CIIE booth.

Customized technologies, such as Amorepacific's Mind-linked Bathbot, have also piqued the interest of visitors since its debut in China.

The program analyzes the person's brain waves to analyze the data and identify the appropriate fragrance and color personalized to the consumer using a headset equipped with eight sensors.

Following the test results, a robotic device generates a personalized bath bomb in less than a minute.

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