New body to bolster YRD medical device industry

Hu Min
The newly launched Application Technology Committee of Medical Devices will promote high-quality growth of the medical device industry in the Yangtze River Delta region.
Hu Min

Efforts are being intensified in the Yangtze River Delta region to promote high-quality integrated growth in the medical device industry.

The Shanghai Yangtze River Delta Medical Device Industry Development Promotion Association unveiled the Application Technology Committee of Medical Devices on Tuesday in Baoshan District.

As the only industry association in China aimed at promoting medical device industry development, it will draft application specifications and standards involving innovative medical apparatus and instruments, as well as promote the standardized clinical application of advanced medical devices.

Medical institutions, clinical medicine professionals, medical device technology and management personnel, and entrepreneurs make up the committee.

Topics covered included medical device procurement configuration, scientific assessment of clinical use, and the development of medical device management standards.

New body to bolster YRD medical device industry
Ti Gong

The Yangtze River Delta region's medical device industry is expected to grow rapidly.

The most recent scientific breakthroughs and innovation technologies in the sector were on display, with over 50 hospitals and over 20 leading medical device firms in attendance.

The development of innovative medical apparatus and devices is growing in the city.

According to the Shanghai Drug Administration, Shanghai has had nine unique medical apparatus and instrument goods certified and released this year, which is the same number as the previous year.

The most recent two are a cryoablation apparatus and a cryoablation catheter. Both will be used to treat atrial fibrillation cases.

In recent years, the city's drug regulation officials have taken a sloe of measures to boost medical device innovations and facilitate them to get onto the market.

Efforts are being undertaken to address issues with the registration, clinical testing, and reporting of new medical apparatus and instruments.

The review time for medical apparatus and instruments registered in Shanghai has been greatly reduced as a result of collaborative efforts.

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