Xuhui District to distribute culture and tourism coupons worth 2.8 million yuan

Hu Min
Discounts to be handed out from Wednesday for the upcoming Double Five Shopping Festival for use at many venues including tourist attractions, cinemas, shops and cafes.
Hu Min

Xuhui District will distribute 75,000 culture and tourism consumption coupons worth 2.8 million yuan (US$386,542) from Wednesday for the upcoming Double Five Shopping Festival, the district's cultural and tourism authorities announced on Monday.

The coupons will include 50,000 for common culture and tourism consumption and another 25,000 for popular attractions and activities, according to the district's culture and tourism bureau.

Each package includes three coupons, offering a discount of 40 yuan for spending of 200 yuan or above consumption, 20 yuan for 100 yuan or above consumption and 10 yuan for 50 yuan or above consumption.

Distribution of these coupons will run from 10am between April 24 and 26 via UnionPay mobile app "Yunshanfu."

The coupons can be used on the app and apps of major banks.

The 50,000 coupons can be used at nearly 600 culture and tourism businesses including tourist attractions, hotels, cinemas, art galleries, museums, performance venues, bookstores, cultural and creative product shops as well as catering venues, cafes and shopping malls such as Shanghai Grand Gateway 66 and Metro City.

The other 25,000 can be used at cafes, bookstores and restaurants around the iconic Normandie Apartments, a popular attraction in the district, music blocks of Blackstone Apartments, and the Longhua Temple Fair bazaar running between April 29 and May 5.

The district has prepared a host of activities for the upcoming May Day holiday. A coffee carnival along the West Bund of the Xuhui riverside as a highlight of the Shanghai International Coffee Culture Festival 2024 will kick off on April 30.

"We are actively promoting the installation of POS machines accepting overseas bankcards among businesses attending these activities," said Jin Jianhong, deputy director of the Xuhui District Culture and Tourism Bureau. "We also help our intangible cultural heritage inheritors install these machines to promote their splendid craft and goods to the world."

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