Feature Reporter

Drones: the new tools in protecting forests, wildlife

The Yan'an Qiaobei Forestry Bureau is using new technology to monitor forests.

Journey to the East: WWE targets China

World Wrestling Entertainment is taking major steps to get into the huge and relatively untapped Chinese market.

Elevating the lifestyle of elderly and disabled in old buildings

Shanghai has issued regulations on the installation of elevators in old buildings. It has spurred residents of old housing estates in Minhang to seek to have elevators installed. 

Miniature worlds created by a deft master

A Minhang resident has created a dish garden that doesn't require watering. Some works are as small as 1 centimeter.

When a summer holiday turns into tragedy

A Minhang journalist talks about his dramatic experience in Phuket.

Rollins gets ready to roll

The WWE superstar is looking forward to his Shanghai return for the 2018 Summerslam on September 1.

Watch the birdie! A sport takes flight

Former badminton player introduce the sport into schools.

One man's trash is another man's artwork

See how retiree turns cotton wadding, plastic cans, polystyrene foam or any trash really into a piece of art.

Back to Berlin: a Jewish journey

The documentary by Catherine Lurie follows 11 Jewish motorbike riders on their trip from Tel Aviv to Berlin.

Socially awkward movie star is cool for cats

When Jesse Eisenberg was in town for the recent Shanghai International Film Festival, his first act was to find homes for three stray kittens.