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'Ghetto' actress amazes playwright in debut role

A worldy-performed play since 1984 has its first Chinese version.
Art & Culture

Zhang's 40-year journey to revive a lost art

Listens to Zhang Haimin, an inheritor and innovator of the traditional handcraft and the only one officially recognized by the city of Shanghai, tells about his adventure.

Master devoted to 'the king of coating oils'

A lacquerware master in Minhang keeps the art alive in modern times.

Entrepreneur aims to modernize care for new mothers

Industry of post-natal care has evolved in modern times.

New museum offers folk art classes

Students learn the delicate art of using kingfisher feathers to make jewelry fit for royalty at another cultural center that has opened in Minhang District.

Miniature worlds created by a deft master

A Minhang resident has created a dish garden that doesn't require watering. Some works are as small as 1 centimeter.
Art & Culture

Flashback to the genius of Ingmar Bergman

In honor of the last year's centenary of Bergman's birth, the Swedish Consulate in Shanghai hosted a gathering to share stories  of the man who had such an impact on filmmaking.
Art & Culture

South Africa's 'king of swimming' wants to be a good guy

2018 was a big one for Le Clos. He was named Best Male Swimmer of the Year at the FINA World Aquatics Gala. But for him, the most important thing is you have to be a good guy first

Entrepreneur's business is the cat's meow

There are 54 million dog owners and 20 million cat owners in the country. Ju Yi, founder of pet care company Puffgogo sees an opportunity between e-commerce and  pet market.

The riveting elegance of mineral crystals

Mineral crystal dealers talks about his adventure and the boosting market in China.