Feature Reporter

Back to Berlin: a Jewish journey

The documentary by Catherine Lurie follows 11 Jewish motorbike riders on their trip from Tel Aviv to Berlin.

Socially awkward movie star is cool for cats

When Jesse Eisenberg was in town for the recent Shanghai International Film Festival, his first act was to find homes for three stray kittens.

Far from home, volunteers fight poverty

Minhang has spent about 120 million yuan (US$16 million) on poverty programs in Yunnan as part of national efforts to get wealthy areas to help poorer regions.

Helping the autistic lead more normal lives

When other parents may dream of their children being accepted to Tsinghua University, Zhang Canhong, mother of an autistic child, wishes her boy can manage by himself one day.

Breaking into cold sweat at the North Pole

A father and his daughter from Minhang attended perhaps the coolest marathon in the world, North Pole marathon.

Shanghai is food and drink for supper club founder

Camden Hauge, owner of Egg, Bitter and Bird, aims to provide dining experiences that satisfy on every level.

Asian talent prepares to shine at Shanghai film festival

The New Asian Talent Awards ceremony will be held on June 22.

Chinese-American film festival finds its feet in Hollywood

The 14th Chinese-American Film Festival announced the nominations for this year's Golden Angel Awards.

New B&B area to serve rural park

 A resort area with accommodation and dining tuned to the local rural lifestyle will greet visitors in August.

A jade master's work dominates exhibition

Some of Zhai Yiwei, a jade carving master's works were exhibited in Minhang.