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Rejected at home, Yang finds fame abroad

Turned down by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Limin Yang flew to the Netherlands to study and later become one of the country's most famous opera singers.

Food tastes best served with community spirit

Village feasts are a cherished tradition in rural Minhang. Food caterer Lin Haiying tells his story about cooking feast for 1,500 villagers.

A showcase for traditional craftsmanship

The Huacao Crafts and Arts Gallery will open to the public for free on April 20 to display folk art from purple clay, huqin collection, ink flow to Chinese lacquerware


Good reading on art, customs, architecture

Minghang District has commissioned a series of 25 books spanning folk art, traditional customs and architecture of the area. Five of them have been published.

Spring Festival celebrates the importance of family

Three Minhang residents share how they will be celebrating Spring Festival.

An adventure frozen in thrilling memories

From frozen waterfalls to aqua blue glaciers, Zhang Li went aboad the Arctic cruise ship that took her on the adventure of her life.

Holiday sentiments put to poetry

All Chinese share a similar mood on Spring Festival. Whether you're an adult or child, receiving a pair of couplets can always put on smile on your face.

Fulfilling the goal of China as a world 'soccer superpower'

When Harry Spencer landed in Shanghai five years ago, he had no money, job or a plan for the future. Today, he owns Mr Harry, a successful British restaurant and a soccer agent.
Art & Culture

South Pacific island paradises coming to town

Rather than a barrier, the South Pacific has been a passageway of exploration and human interaction. Island nations and territories will showcase their delights here in December.
Art & Culture

Acclaimed playwright takes audience on pilgrimage to Shangri-La

Shanghai culture vultures are in for a rare treat as one of the nation's best playwrights presents a special version of "Shangri-La Mon Amour" at the Theater Above.