Suburban historic town ready to be crowned as 5A tourist destination

Hu Min
The Zhujiajiao Ancient Town scenic area in Qingpu has made strides toward becoming a 5A level national tourist attraction, the top grade for tourist destinations in China.
Hu Min

The Zhujiajiao Ancient Town scenic area has made strides toward becoming a 5A, the top level, national tourist attraction.

To achieve 5A status, the town's environment has been further improved. Its tourism market has been injected with new energy.

New tourist programs are being developed, and new attractions popular among young people will be created in the ancient town.

In addition to traditional tourist programs such as boating trips, new scenes and forms of enjoyment such as augmented reality and jubensha will be introduced, as they are favored by the young generation.

Live-action role-play games, jubensha in Chinese, have become something of a craze among Chinese young people.

The tourism market of the ancient town has extended, forming a circle that includes the Zhangma Village scenic area, Xunmeng Garden, Linjia Village, the Sun Island Resorts and Daqian Garden.

Residents and tourists are invited to enrich their tourist experience at these spots and try tea-sipping and even making paintings in paddy fields.

Infrastructure upgrades have been carried out, and the layout of nine ancient streets in the town has been improved.

Construction of a signage system covering 3.08 square kilometers has been finished, and 15 public toilets in the town have been expanded or upgraded. The lighting system has been upgraded as well.

These improvement projects have been conducted in central areas to incorporate cultural essence into the business environment and ancient architecture.

More information about Zhujiajiao will be posted on Douyin, as well as the video streaming site Bilibili and WeChat.

Zhujiajiao, with a history of over 1,700 years and crowned the "pearl of Jiangnan," has 36 stone bridges and ancient architecture covering about 210,000 square meters.

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