Shanghai MedValley strengthens Jiading's biopharma sector

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Shanghai MedValley, which opened in Malu Town in October, is the newest addition to Jiading's master development plan to develop the biopharmaceutical industry.
Staff Reporters
Shanghai MedValley strengthens Jiading's biopharma sector
Yu Chao

The Shanghai MedValley aims to boost the biopharmaceutical industry in Jiading District.

The Shanghai MedValley, an integrated industrial zone including R&D, manufacturing and corporate headquarters, opened on October 13 in Malu Town, Jiading District.

Located in the heart of Jiading New City, it is the newest addition to Jiading’s master development plan for its 100-billion-yuan (US$13.7 billion) biopharmaceutical industry.

With a planned area of 2.2 square kilometers, the Shanghai MedValley consists of “a core function area,” with the Ruijin Hospital National Medical Center and the Shanghai MedValley Industrial Park as key players, as well as “an innovation island,” which houses the headquarters of large and medium-sized medical device companies, industry-leading R&D centers and scientific research institutes.

“By 2025, we hope to transform the Shanghai MedValley into a city-level industrial zone,” said Lu Tielong, Party secretary of Malu Town. “By 2025, land parcels totaling 200 mu (133,333 sqm) designated for industrial purposes will be launched into the market, while the annual industrial output within the MedValley will reach around 10 billion yuan.”

The opening of the Shanghai MedValley marks Jiading’s latest step toward capitalizing on prospects in the high-end medical business to boost economic growth.

In 2022, the total industrial production of high-performance medical equipment and precision medicine in the suburban district, which is now home to approximately 400 biopharmaceutical and medical equipment firms, reached 23.58 billion yuan.

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