A family's commitment to teaching goes beyond classrooms in Anting Town

Jiang Mengyu
A family in Anting Town has dedicated their time to educating, not only in classrooms but also via numerous community activities.
Jiang Mengyu
A family's commitment to teaching goes beyond classrooms in Anting Town
Xi Rou

Lu Haiyong (right) with his wife Xing Haihong (left) and their daughter Xing Zining

Anting Town residents Lu Haiyong and Xing Haihong share a common passion for teaching. Their commitment to education extends beyond the confines of traditional classrooms, transforming their lives into an inspiring tale of contribution.

Lu and Xing graduated from the same university.

“We are teachers, and our conversations are filled with common interests. Listening to each other is not boring to us at all,” Xing said.

Even though Lu specializes in preschool education and Xing in community education, they both have a strong commitment to incorporating creativity and involvement into their teaching approaches.

Along with enjoying the rewards of their work, they work together to overcome obstacles and broaden each other’s pedagogical horizons. Their relationship has become stronger over time.

“Teaching is a career worth dedicating a lifetime to” is their defining concept. This shared ideal has been passed down to their daughter, Xing Zining, who is now a primary school teacher.

How to infuse excitement and gamification into lesson plans so that first-grade pupils can quickly absorb the main ideas has become a daily topic of debate for the mother and daughter.

This family is also involved in community matters.

‘The Teahouse’

In Chunshengyuan Community, there is a program for locals called “The Teahouse,” whose venue is flexible, ranging from the community square to some residents’ residences. Everyone can take part in community building with this program. Lu actively participates, giving lectures to the members of their neighborhood.

“The Teahouse” encourages residents of the community to place their own orders. For example, “black tea” signifies ideological and political courses, “green tea” is associated with green environmental activities, “flower tea” is associated with healthy living courses, and “seasonal tea” is associated with traditional holiday activities.

A family's commitment to teaching goes beyond classrooms in Anting Town
Xi Rou

Lu strikes a gong to invite residents to an open-air “teahouse” activity in his neighborhood.

Lu constantly expands the study themes by addressing different topics, providing more practical experience for community education.

“Entering the residents’ lives is the aspiration of community teaching,” Lu remarked, emphasizing the family’s dedication to an immersive and holistic approach to education.

A family's commitment to teaching goes beyond classrooms in Anting Town
Xi Rou

Xing participates in activities with children at a community kindergarten.

Encouraged by Lu, his wife, Xing, and daughter gradually joined this initiative, offering their time to the residents. Based on her teaching experience, Xing Haihong leads parent-child education programs for preschool children in various communities.

Xing Zining, a young teacher and youth league member, actively served as a community teacher and earned recognition as one of Anting Town’s outstanding youth league members.

The family’s diligent efforts have been recognized, and they were bestowed with the title of one of the “most beautiful families” in Shanghai this year.

“As teachers, we will remain committed to our students,” Xing said. “As residents, we really hope that we can make more contributions to the community we live in to make it a more beautiful and livable place.”

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