Nine companies from Jiading participate in this year's CIIE

Li Xinran
The Jiading companies at the 6th China International Import Expo included Volvo Cars, Porsche China, Toyota, Amore Pacific Cosmetics, SCI Supply Chain, and Johnson Health Tech.
Li Xinran
Nine companies from Jiading participate in this year's CIIE
Xi Rou

The Volvo booth at this year’s China International Import Expo

Nine companies from Jiading participated in this year’s China International Import Expo, including Volvo Cars, Porsche China, Toyota, Amore Pacific Cosmetics, SCI Supply Chain, and Johnson Health Tech, covering multiple fields such as automotives and cosmetics.

As an “old friend” of the CIIE, SCI Supply Chain, a subsidiary of the Ying Yi Group, took part in the CIIE for its fourth time. This year, SCI Supply Chain’s booth design, with the concept of “connecting the supply chain with the world,” showcased three major products: “integrated supply chain solutions,” “smart logistics and information technology,” and “full process operation management services.”

The company also designed a multimedia interactive display screen to display its products dynamically.

“This innovative supply chain product that integrates digital intelligence not only demonstrates how to create an efficient supply chain ecosystem, but also helps drive innovation in customer supply chain models,” said Xing Rui, general manager of SCI Supply Chain Operation Center.

To further strengthen cooperation in the manufacturing supply chain industry, SCI Supply Chain held a themed forum during the CIIE to assist in the construction and innovative development of supply chain resilience, and to explore new trends, fields and challenges in promoting high-quality development of supply chain digital operations.

Through participating in the expo, the company’s smart supply chain technology has gained more attention and enjoyed greater development opportunities, Xing said.

Johnson Health Tech Co also returned to this year’s CIIE, more than doubling the area of its booth to cover 504 square meters.

The TX-1 intelligent folding treadmill displayed at last year’s CIIE also returned this year, and its extended product — a household treadmill from Johnson, in collaboration with Huawei Smart Selection, was introduced to expo visitors.

“A total of 50 dealers signed contracts with us at the CIIE,” said Li Yongkai, general manager of Johnson Health Tech Co.

“The CIIE offered us a platform to not only learn about the development situation of other overseas peer enterprises but also to showcase our product advantages to the world.”

Last year, Johnson Health Tech took part in the CIIE for the first time and signed deals of intention worth over 500 million yuan (US$69.9 million) during the event, far exceeding its expectations.

More importantly, due to the strong spillover effects of the CIIE, the company’s reputation has further increased in the domestic market and its sales channels have also been expanded.

The TX-1 intelligent folding treadmill, which was exhibited last year, has been available for sale in Sam’s Club stores and e-commerce channels since May of this year.

Moreover, the company expanded its overseas markets after its first expo appearance. In the first half of 2023, its global sales rose 15 percent year on year, with products exported to markets including Japan, Malaysia and Thailand.

Seeing more opportunities and greater development potential, Johnson Health Tech continued to expand its investment this year, increasing its number of fitness equipment research and development teams and capital investment in its factory in Jiading, co-branding with renowned brands such as Huawei and Decathlon; setting up the corporate headquarters of its Asian digital content team; and expanding its Hongqiao fitness course filming center.

Johnson also plans to build the Yuanxiang Lake Johnson Sports and Health Culture Pavilion in Jiading New City, which will integrate fitness and leisure, sports equipment experience and brand culture displays.

Nine companies from Jiading participate in this year's CIIE
Li Pin

The Toyota Space intelligent cockpit was planned and developed by a team of Chinese engineers. Its debut provides an answer to auto intellectualization in the future.

Toyota Motor Company, which has participated in the CIIE for six consecutive years, set up three exhibition sections this year at its booth, namely “electrification,” “intellectualization,” and “diversification,” to showcase its latest technologies and achievements.

In the electrification section, Toyota launched a series of China-firsts — replaceable hydrogen cylinder integrated storage modules that can achieve faster hydrogen refueling and a longer range, and the hydrogen fuel cell Crown Sedan vehicle just released in Japan.

Toyota’s second-generation MIRAI hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen heavy-duty trucks, 150kW fuel cell systems, and hydrogen engine models such as the Corolla Cross were also showcased, portraying the technological application scenarios of hydrogen energy manufacturing, transportation, storage and use to visitors.

The company also displayed its latest technological achievements such as BEV all solid-state batteries and a fifth generation intelligent hybrid dual engine, aiming to help achieve carbon neutrality goals through comprehensive electrification technology.

Notably, Toyota’s pure electric autonomous bZ4X Robotaxi concept car made its debut at this year’s CIIE. It is equipped with advanced technologies such as Toyota’s vehicle control interaction system specifically designed for Robotaxi and the seventh generation autonomous driving software and hardware system designed by to meet vehicle standards.

The Japanese auto company also brought the Toyota Space intelligent cockpit, planned and developed by a team of Chinese engineers for Chinese consumers, which can be viewed as Toyota’s answer to auto intellectualization in the future.

Nine companies from Jiading participate in this year's CIIE
Xi Rou

For a district that boasts a long tradition of bamboo art, the use of bamboo fiber as an alternative to traditional materials has gained popularity.

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