Jing'an group tops trading volumes at sixth CIIE

Li Qian
More than 80 companies with offices or regional headquarters in Jing'an participated in the sixth CIIE with the Jing'an trading group securing the highest trading volumes.
Li Qian
Jing'an group tops trading volumes at sixth CIIE
Xiao Mingliang

Jing’an trading group members show up at the purchasing contract signing ceremony during the 6th CIIE.

The Jing’an trading group had the highest trading volumes at the sixth CIIE. This year, more than 80 companies with offices or regional headquarters in Jing’an participated in the CIIE. Many of them were members of the Jing’an trading group and secured purchasing contracts and cooperation deals.

L’Oreal, AstraZeneca, Cowell Health, SAP, Coach, Kanebo, doTERRA and Eisai were among them.

Zhang Jun, Jing’an’s deputy director and group head, stated that every CIIE has provided Jing’an with fresh development opportunities. “It is an important opportunity to promote Jing’an to further improve international reputation and develop an open economy,” he added.

L’Oreal, one of the “old friends” of CIIE, displayed around 270 exhibits, a record high. The highlights included the introduction of its skincare brand Aesop and the exhibition of 17 innovative makeup technologies, including four Asian debuts.

Sanofi demonstrated various breakthrough medicines for the treatment of immunological and rare disorders. It launched Dupixent at the expo for treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

An essential oil derived from Hainan blue lotus was showcased at the doTERRA booth.

Grifols, one of the “new faces” at CIIE, sought partnerships for its local expansion.

Cowell Health highlighted how the company helped local communities develop a healthy life cycle.

Cible Skin brought reputable skincare products from France to China.

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