Gonghexin Road Subdistrict acts to look after seniors, deliverymen

Li Qian
Support for the elderly, care for deliverymen and a creative park are some of the initiatives taken by Gonghexin Road Subdistrict.
Li Qian

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Jing'an is divided into 13 subdistricts: Jing'ansi, Caojiadu, Jiangning Road, Shimen Road No.2, Nanjing Road W., Tianmu Road W., Beizhan, Baoshan Road, Zhijiang Road W., Gonghexin Road, Daning Road, Pengpu Xincun, and Linfen Road, as well as one town: Pengpu. They are all working to make Jing'an a better place. In this series, we invite a local citizen or worker to explain the best of each subdistrict and town.

Gonghexin Road Subdistrict acts to look after seniors, deliverymen

Huang Xiang: Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Gonghexin Road Subdistrict

Support for deliverymen

The platform economy has made deliverymen essential to our daily lives. How to make them feel at ease has been a concern for the subdistrict.

The subdistrict surveyed deliverymen and found that they needed a place to rest, recharge their phones and drink tea. To make them feel at home, the subdistrict made a deal with 24 stores to help them with food, a salon, shopping and even moped repair.

They were given a map of the 24 stores.

Gonghexin Road Subdistrict acts to look after seniors, deliverymen

Cultural creativity park

The Xinhua Cultural Science and Technology Park is an industrial park specializing in cultural creativity, digital publishing and animation design. So far, it has attracted over 1,200 companies, including 40 high-tech firms.

The Gonghexin Road Subdistrict has announced measures and personalized services to optimize its business environment to support its key innovation cluster.

There is a “chief service team” that regularly initiates campaigns in the park by providing legal counsel, policy interpretation, financial services and other services.

This year, Jing’an District’s first overseas intellectual property rights protection work station was unveiled in the park to assist more local businesses in expanding overseas and competing with their overseas rivals.

Gonghexin Road Subdistrict acts to look after seniors, deliverymen

Care for the elderly

The subdistrict has prioritized senior care.

It has developed three comprehensive eldercare service centers, four canteens, 21 activity rooms for them at local juweihui (neighborhood committees), and other elderly-friendly venues.

It means daycare, nursing, entertainment and other amenities are just 15 minutes from the local seniors.

One of the subdistrict’s comprehensive eldercare service centers has a 90-square-meter canteen. Three-dish sets cost 12 yuan (US$1.68). Takeout and delivery services are available to disabled elders.

The second service center offers cardiograms, bone mineral density tests, blood pressure checks and traditional Chinese medicine consultations.

They can receive health data on their mobile phones. Big data monitors their health. Their phones will alert them if their health is compromised.

Home care services include a 24-hour hotline for seniors, home renovations and daycare for seniors with cognitive problems.

Gonghexin Road Subdistrict acts to look after seniors, deliverymen
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